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PRE ORDER DEPOSIT – Periwinkle Laine Fabric Cutter for Rug Hooking Introductory Offer


Introducing the Periwinkle Laine Fabric Cutter – Secure Yours Now!

Limited quantity at this introductory value.   

By placing a $100 deposit, you guarantee your place on our list and ensure that you’ll be among the very first to own a  Periwinkle Laine Fabric Cutter and two (2) cutter cartridges (Number 5 and Number 6). Not only does this deposit secure your priority, but it’s also fully refundable should you decide not to make the purchase.

How to pre-order: 1️⃣ Place a $100 deposit to secure your spot. 2️⃣ Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your deposit is fully refundable if you choose not to proceed with the purchase.

As soon as the cutters and cartridges arrive at our shop, we will reach out to those who have pre-ordered and placed a deposit. The total price of the cutter and 2 cartridges (the introductory offer) is $1198 + HST and Shipping.

Delivery Information: Anticipated delivery before January 30, 2024 – start the new year with a revolutionary addition to your rug crafting toolkit!

Reserve Yours Now: Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be a trendsetter in the world of rug hooking!



Introducing the Periwinkle Laine Rug Hooking Cutter , a tool designed with the user in mind. It has been built to streamline the process of cutting wool into precise strips of uniform widths.

The Introductory Offer includes one (1) cutter body and two (2) drop in cutter cartridges; a number 5  and a number 6.

A number 5 cut, which is 5/32nds of an inch wide, is often considered a versatile choice. It strikes a balance between fine detail and speed of progress. When hooked in a #5 cut, the fabric strips are narrow enough to capture moderate details, making it suitable for elements with defined shapes like small objects or intricate patterns. On the other hand, a number 6 cut, measuring 6/32nds of an inch, provides a wider strip compared to the #5 cut. This width offers a more primitive, folk-inspired look to the rug. #6 cut strips are ideal for hookers aiming for a rustic appearance or emphasizing a more simplistic, bold aesthetic in their designs. While it may lack the intricate detail achievable with smaller cuts, the #6 cut allows for a faster hooking process, making it a suitable choice for larger areas or backgrounds where elaborate detailing is unnecessary.

Periwinkle Laine’s decision to launch rug hooking cutters in the choice of number 5 and number 6 cuts reflects a thoughtful approach to meet the diverse needs of the rug hooking community. These cut sizes strike balance between detail, efficiency, and artistic freedom, making them a practical addition to any rug hooking toolkit.