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Yuletide Red Plaid


Yuletide plaid is a festive colour most notably associated with Christmas and the holiday season.. The overall effect, when using this colour is a warm, cozy, and cheerful, evoking the spirit of holiday celebrations.


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Yuletide plaid is a vibrant, warm red that is reminiscent of holly berries, Santa’s suit, and other classic holiday decorations.  It works well with deep greens, golds, white and black.  It also works well in fall scenes, depicting leaves, berries, and foliage – it actually works well in many many rugs.

The wool has been washed and is best hooked in a number 5 or number 6 cut (or larger).  The colours in this wool make it excellent to hook backgrounds, for use in landscapes, florals, sandy beaches, and more.

Wool is available in ¼, ½, yard cuts.  Perfect wool for many hooking (or applique) projects!

Wool is available in ¼, ½ yard cuts.

¼ yard – $18.00
½ yard – $36.00

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¼ Yard, ½ Yard