Periwinkle Laine

Brown Bag Challenge 2023

Anne L
Carol M
Laverne F
Paula K
Deb M
Diane G
Carolyn R
Sherry M
Kerry W
Diane T
Deb M
Grace T
Katherine D
Dorothy F
Carol G
Susan L
Laura M
Nancy D
Cindy M
Charlene M

The Brown Bag Challenge is a rug hooking event that kicked off in July 2023! With a deadline set for December 1, this challenge has brought together 42 enthusiastic rug hookers, each armed with a mysterious brown bag filled with an assortment of rug hooking treasures. The challenge for the participants is to create a rug hooking project using the materials provided in their brown bags.

Bags contain a delightful mix of wool, yarn, artist yarn, beads, zippers, and even luxurious velvet swatches from the Velvet Hook, courtesy of the wonderful Dianne Tobais.

The rules are simple: every item from the brown bag must find its way into the hooked creation, but there’s no need to use all of an item.  Let me explain, imagine there is a 10-foot length of green garden hose in the bag – participants could incorporate just a tiny inch or go wild and use the entire hose—it’s their creative journey!

The challenge is meant to encourage participants to think outside the box, showcase artistic skills, and come up with innovative and unique rug hooking projects using the surprise assortment of materials they receive. It’s a test of creativity, resourcefulness, and just a whole lot of fun!  Plus the winner (or possibly winners) will receive a Periwinkle Laine Gift Certificate!

A heartfelt thank you goes out to Jane Steele from Riverhouse Rug Hooking, whose support has made this event even more extraordinary.