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Dark Amethyst


Dark Amethyst is a soft wool in a deep, rich shade of purple with undertones of blue and a hint of red. This colour reminds you of the dark, colours found in amethyst stones, and is often associated with royalty, mystery, and elegance.


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A hooker might use this colour in a hooking to create a sense of depth and richness. It could also be used to in backgrounds, to create shadows and depth, excellent in landscapes to create depth and dimension to objects, imagine this colour in a dark forest, or  use it to bring out the beauty of flowers like irises or day lilies.

The wool has been washed and is best hooked in a number 5 or number 6 cut (or larger).  The colours in this wool make it excellent to hook backgrounds, for use in landscapes, florals, sandy beaches, and more.

Wool is available in ¼, ½, yard cuts.  Perfect wool for backgrounds, borders  – this wool also dyes beautifully, making it ideal for many hooking (or applique) projects!

Wool is available in ¼, ½ yard cuts.

¼ yard – $18.00
½ yard – $36.00

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¼ Yard, ½ Yard