Periwinkle Laine

Riding the Waves 12 x 34″


“Lori-Ann Lingley’s rug hooking pattern, ‘Riding the Waves,’ artfully depicts fish swimming above and below the waves, offering versatility with colorful options for the fish or background, hand-drawn on primitive linen and expertly serged for a professional finish.


Lori-Ann Lingley’s rug hooking pattern,  “Riding the Waves,” depicts a mesmerizing underwater world where fish gracefully glide both above and beneath the waves. Whether adorned with colorful fish or set against a vibrant backdrop, this design captures the dynamic movement  of aquatic life.

Expertly serged for a professional finish, this pattern promises to transport rug hookers (and admirers)  to a space where the rhythm of the ocean and the vibrant hues of marine life converge.